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About Us

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufactures
supplier and erector of heavy duty slotted angle racks in Bhopal for the last 40 years.
Established in the year 1978, gained practical theoretical knowledge four decade ago , as a team member under guidance of dixion LTD. london all the way moving ahead with the moto.
“From promise to performance”
We are leading manufacturer, supplier and creator of slotted angle material,you can build anything anywhere with lobros slotted angle available in wide range of tendorised designs, implementing innovative ideas ensuring precision for greater durability slotted angle can re-use and recycle,easily convertible and adjustable also

We deal with pre tab-sheds ranging from roof top constructions, vehicle parking sheds, open stock Sheds, mezzanine floor, foot bridge and amusement structure.Your requirements are our services with optimizing Space utilization
With attractive prices and limited time. We enjoy excellent market situations,are well equipped with hi-tech machines,highly professional employees dedicated to insure quality and efficient services.
Creating milestone all over India and reshaping India we are working for hospitals, schools, shopping malls, industries, hotels, street projects, farm house etc

Our experienced technicians are at your service to solve your space
problem and provide you with the most modern and economical solution.
We also with to inform you that we are using C.R.C. Sheet for shelves
and H.R. sheet for slotted angles. The products are manufactured in
accordance with IS Specifications. Our sheet  S. Angle paint and nut–bolt
and Cornors plates confirm to IS.

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