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Slotted Angles

What is Slotted Angle?

slotted-angle-assemblySlotted angle (also sometimes referred to as Slotted angle iron) is a system of reusable metal strips used to construct shelving, frames, work benches, equipment stands and other structures. The name derives, first, from the use of elongated slots punched into the metal at uniform intervals to enable assembly of structures fixed with nuts and bolts, and second, from the longitudinal folding of the metal strips to form a right angle


Scientifically designed pattern of holes and slots are perfectly positioned for bolting pieces together at various angles without needing to drill holes. No special tools required but our slotted angle cutter cuts completely through with one fast easy stroke. Available with painted or hot dipped, rust-resistant, galvanized finish.
These heavy duty bolts and nuts assure a strong structure for years of use.

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